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Professional Painting Tips for Good Quality Decoration

By Kingston Painters & Decorators
Wednesday, December 5, 2018

One of the most difficult jobs when it comes to decorating is mixing the paint in with the decoration that is being used. It’s very easy to miscalculate the tone of a room and find yourself with a rancid contrast that just removes all of the goodness and enjoyment from decoration in general.

If you want to avoid this problem, then the following painting tips should go some way to helping you get good quality décor that looks exceptional. Sick of wasting time only to get the wrong result? Then try this out.

Appreciate the Challenge

One of the main problems people have is assuming that good quality decoration just comes together through logic. But what you would imagine would go together can then become a horrible, almighty clash when actually done in real life.

If you would like to avoid this, then simply appreciate the challenge of selection. If you don’t tell yourself, it’s easy then you should have no problems in actually finding the solution that you need in the first place.

Prepare or Fail

One of the best tips we can give you, though, is to always prepare. Around 70% of any good painting job to get it matching in with decoration is about prep. Get rid of all the little extras like filling in beading gaps, scraping old paint off, managing mould, and using silicone to fill in any cracks that you come across.

Taking the time to do the prep now is likely to leave a much better room at the end for all of your décor to be placed.

Avoid One-Coat Painting

One-coat solutions sound excellent and great time savers – but they never are. They tend to have very poor opacity and this usually involves the paint in shining through in the most horrible fashion possible. The best pro tip is to take your time – trying to rush the painting job usually means it looks rushed.

Nothing is worse than getting all the décor in the room prepared, only to see the paint is weak and faded within a few months of finishing up.

So, if you want to have the best quality of home decoration always avoid for a one-coat painting solution.

Don’t Use Cheap Tools

You might think that the brushes from the pound store look much the same as the brushes from a décor store – they aren’t. use the best quality that you can afford. When it comes to good décor and getting paint to actually apply itself, you need the finest equipment that you can get your hands on.

You might feel over the top paying more for “just equipment” but the end result usually determines whether or not such a decision was wise.

As you can imagine, getting your home to look the way that you want is very tough. When you use these logical tips, though, you should find it easier to get paint that stays vibrant and matches your decoration accordingly.

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