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Common issues with decorating and how to avoid them

By Kingston Builders & Decorators
Thursday, January 31, 2019

One of the main challenges that you can have as a home owner is to decorate properly. Decorating problems are an easy mistake to make, and they usually will cause you nothing but irritation when the problems do strike.

If you would like to avoid these issues then there are some basic, common issues that you can put into action if you would like to solve that issue. Make sure that your time decorating can be made a whole lot easier simply.

Lighting Problems

A common issue to face is having issues with lighting – or recessed lighting, to be exact. Try and balance out the placing of lights, from table lamps being just below eye-level to a central ceiling light. This helps to add an authentic yet flattering light source into the venue that adds a great touch of class to proceedings.

Foyer Failings

Got a foyer? Then you have likely struggled to get it looking classic, either. If you are lucky enough to have a nice, soaring way into the house then decorate it with a unified colour. The typical rule should be that the more lighting that you can get into the foyer, the darker that you should go in the foyer itself to add that depth and mystery.

Kitchen Charisma

When it comes to good painting and decorating the kitchen is usually one of the main recipients for a massive workover. You should make sure that when it comes to decorating that you appreciate the power of restoration over replacement. A lick of paint on various parts of the kitchen can give old and tired units a whole new look and feel.

Not everything that you do when it comes to paint and decoration has to involve full-scale change.

Wallpaper Woes

A likely problem is going to come down to wallpaper. Wallpaper is the alternative to paint when it comes to good decoration. You should always try and be one or the other – hugely bold or massively minimal

Going in-between risks making a cheap and tacky looking design that has no idea where it wants to be. Want to really help make the place all come together? Then using wallpaper on the ceiling can be a bold but advantageous move.

Wonky Wall Galleries

A major problem can be putting together a good wall gallery. If you find that it’s all over the place and needs comprehensive work carried out, then the best way to start is to find an “anchor”. This is the focal point of the picture, the key figures of the gallery itself.

Use larger images which will be the main parts of the gallery and have them as the major focus.

These common decoration problems are likely to hamper you at least once in your life. With these tricks and solutions, though, you no longer need to find that it holds you back or ruins the look and feel of your home.

Decoration can be made a lot easier when these simple, logic-driven tips are put in place.

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